My personal avatar.

This avatar is the one I made using cartoonify, I couldn’t find a good hair style but it works and it looks quite good. I originally had my dog as an avatar but then I was just playing around with the the avatar web sites and made I liked and I downloaded it as my avatar.


At midnight like always I was asleep, but not sound asleep like I usually would ,something was keeping me up a noise a whooshing noise and it seemed to get closer and in a matter of fact it was. I started to panic as I realised it was a tornado, and soon enough it was right on top of us I run to to my parents and beside them was my 3 year old brother, Ryan“ hold on.”  Mum said” I’m trying to hold on .“ he shouted  and I was horrified when I saw our roof fly off within  a second.

My Favourite Book

My favourite book is in a series called The Legend  Of Podkin One Ear ( humans didn’t exists ,it was only rabbits.)  but the book I like is the last one,Uki And The Outcasts, and I read when I had the chicken pocks :(. My favourite character is Jori. ( The one on the jerboa.)  The plot is they get kicked out of their home because they are different and no one liked them and they get given a task to catch evil spirits.

100 word challenge

We were at the movies, watching It Takes Two, and Ivy and I had a toilet brake at the end and we took no notice of the sign and walked in. It was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to me I walked out, and people were laughing and taking pictures, but Ivy didn’t walk out. She hadn’t noticed, she came out moments later, red in the face and forming tears, we both tried to walk out and not get noticed, which was tricky  we finally got out and got in the car and drove back home and said nothing.


The time I used perseverance  was when I was learning to snow ski. First I was on  the baby slope well it wasn’t a slope it was just flat, the next day I went on a proper slope and was really scared I kept on trying to stop but i fell over all the the time so I got put on the baby slope again and that was when I tried really hard because I didn’t like the thought that they put me down a level because I wasn’t good enough. Now after 5 years of going each year I have got to the advanced level.

100 word challange

Once there was a strange looking giraffe at a zoo he was a dusty pink no one knew why, how, but this giraffe a had a power to talk (sing)but the giraffe liked the attention and he sang lots of songs to his audience and that was what was keeping him happy until one day the zoo went out of style he was freed that maybe a normal giraffe would love. But he wasn’t a normal giraffe it was painful for him he was alone, he stood out…5 years later… A girl who obviously respected his beauty took him in.

My Favourite Childhood Memory

My favourite memory is when we went to Clinton, and we stayed the night at our friends house and we we went to the cathedral caves formed by the sea,  and you can only go in if it’s low tide because the water from the sea goes into the caves, one cave we went in was still full of water so we had to walk on the edge of the slippery rocks. They were so deep and dark we couldn’t see and at the end of one we saw with a light on 2 little blue penguins . Next we went to the Purakaunui bay it was so cool and we had a sand war and walked over along the beach we saw 2 seals and one sea lion that barked while it was charging at us and then we went home .

Where I’m From

    Where I’m From 

                                   (Inspired by George Ella Lyon) 


I’m from mud wars and revolting grass flies 

Hot days getting to 34 degrees, then dropping to -4 degrees.

I’m from playing soccer in the frost to school inside

on scorching hot days.


I’m from lightning shattering glass

And the rumbling thunder of the tanker collecting milk.

Ghosts slamming doors and  harmonicas playing at midnight.


I’m from “Buzz off” and “soon”  – taking hours, 

and  “What’s all this stuff?

Anything on the floor is going in the bin.”


I’m from Dip hill road, Tokarahi.


By Kenzie




I live in NZ, south island North Otago

My name is Kenzie & I’m 10, I  have a younger brother, Cohen & a younger sister, Sadie. I love art, writing, baking, hockey, soccer, tackle, touch, dancing, sushi, the farm, outdoors. I hate chicken pox,  Tik Tok, gardening.I have one pet, Lottie, a dog and she has had 6 puppies.