100 word challange

Once there was a strange looking giraffe at a zoo he was a dusty pink no one knew why, how, but this giraffe a had a power to talk (sing)but the giraffe liked the attention and he sang lots of songs to his audience and that was what was keeping him happy until one day the zoo went out of style he was freed that maybe a normal giraffe would love. But he wasn’t a normal giraffe it was painful for him he was alone, he stood out…5 years later… A girl who obviously respected his beauty took him in.

5 thoughts on “100 word challange”

  1. hi my name is Eliza
    i liked how you had a different story to everyone else
    you had great spelling and punctuation
    if can come check out my blog
    great story Kenzie i would love to hear more

    1. Hi Eliza, thanks so much for looking at my post and leaving a comment. I would love to visit your blog, but I don’t have the blog address. Could you please reply and leave me the link.

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