My personal avatar.

This avatar is the one I made using cartoonify, I couldn’t find a good hair style but it works and it looks quite good. I originally had my dog as an avatar but then I was just playing around with the the avatar web sites and made I liked and I downloaded it as my avatar.

12 thoughts on “My personal avatar.”

  1. Hi Kenzie !

    My name is Ms. Teri, and I am a volunteer commenter for this student blogging challenge: Teri — #stubc commenter.

    I live in Hamilton, Ohio — USA. My dog’s name is Holley — and she’s a black German Shepherd. She loves to play fetch and catch a frisbee. Right now the weather here is downright miserable because it’s been cold and raining almost every day. My husband doesn’t want me throwing the ball for her because our backyard is wet and muddy.

    When I was 5, my family and I went through a tornado in Xenia, Ohio. Thankfully, we all made it out safely.

    I’m looking forward to learning more about blogging by following your blog over the next several weeks. Take care and stay safe!

  2. Hi Kenzie,
    I’m Bree. I am from Wisconsin, USA. I think your avatar is very beautiful. My favorite colors Yellow, I love the color yellow because it’s a happy color. What’s your favorite color?

  3. Kenzie,

    Cartoonify does a good job of making an avatar while keeping your essence in it. Using dog as avatar is a unique idea.

    I like the background you are using for the blog. Where did you find it?

    Best wishes.
    Asher, USA

  4. hello there Kenzie! my name is Mallory! I am in seventh grade and I am 13 years old. I really like your avatar because of the green shirt! I really love the color green! I always wear green hoodies because of it! I also really like the cool eyes! I’m not the biggest fan of purple, but I would love to have a cool eye color like teal or maybe even heterochromia eyes! (if you don’t know what heterochromia eyes are, it’s basically two eyes that are two different colors like for example, one eye is green and the other is brown. it’s extremely rare to happen but it’s pretty cool!) anyways, I enjoyed reading your post! I have an avatar on my blog if you would like to check it out!
    here’s my blog:

  5. Hi kenzie,

    I like your character although, I drew mine. I like that you were going to do the dog but I didn’t mind you didn’t!

    Relating to dogs I have a dog how about you?

    I saw in a post that your favourite colour is green I think well mines blue but I can also say my favourite colour would be green sort of because I like aqua, but now enough about me

    Wishing best wishes in this time Beth from Melbourne U・ﻌ・U

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