No one know what happens if you go go through a black hole….right?

Well Caleb does, he went through one ….Once.

He was on a vacation, he liked the sound of space because he had 6 other brothers  that would always kick him & they were all older than him. So he decided that he would visit Sun first and got lost and followed the wrong sign, he had gone through a black hole!

He couldn’t believe his eyes  when he saw a meadow full of pretty flowers but  one flower stood out so he picked it  & he was granted a wish!


In the weekend we did science experiments,we made a lava lamp, we got an orange and put baking soda on and started fizzing in our mouth.

Today we did more break fences and we rode our motor bike and made a track using the peewee tires we had used for the 2019 trail ride on our farm. (just up the road)

dairy entry

Today  we had a break on doing break fences in the morning so till lunch we chilled out, and then I rode my motorbike  to where dad was dehorning some bulls  with the vet and we had to make a break fence for them and when we did  get them in we went home and I stared writing this dairy entry.


I was horrified as I watched our roof  rip off , Ryan my brother was now screaming then  soon after the wooden walls of our house came crashing down and our mum dad well suddenly they froze with nothing to say apart from ”Its late, go to bed” so that’s what me and Ryan did. I cried my self to  sleep that  night knowing that we couldn’t stay here at our house, or what was our house and is now a pile of wreckage. When I woke up I tried act as if nothing had happened that night. It didn’t work.      


Lock Down

During lock down we actually have done a lot.

Well mum took this as an advantage to make us tidy up 🙁

Dad got me a new motorbike (yes) 110 Kawasaki 🙂

And every day since lock down started we have been working on the farm doing  4 break fences a day.