Most days I would walk my dog Jess to the river,I like going there it feels comforting, the eroded banks,the trees how they hang over the river, the mountains with a dusting of snow and I’m the only one how knows it’s there.

But today seemed normal,but half an hour later I decided to cool off with Jess but the water was swifter than usual, my dog isn’t a keen swimmer and got swept away, I and ran down following Jess I found a shallow piece and swam to Jess I just got there in time, Jess was safe again.


Lock down is over!!!!!

We have had so many people come over I can go to dance again and stay at Emily’s place!! Mum and Dad had a drinks night to celebrate getting out of lock down,Liam and Asha came so we played with them,We can go and see extended family and stay with out staying 2 meters apart.We can go back to school see everyone  instead of  seeing them on a zoom meeting and lock down learning wasn’t as fun but we have to sanitise all the time at school. We can get takeaways,we are allowed to go to the beach.



As we disappeared into the night,I took one look back and said nothing, what had we done.

Stealing the simple lolly  was  easy because you won’t be chased for the rest of your life. But when we realized what actually had done we knew  we were wanted, and we were right only 2 days later there were signs everywhere  saying  dead or alive and our reward would be $10000.


It was broad day light and we went down to the river for a drink, and out of no where a arrow whizzed passed us all and hit the tree right by us.