My Holiday

For our holiday we went snow skiing and went for 2 days when the snow was nice and powdery, so we spent the day falling over and getting drenched in wet snow, but I had a really fun time with mum dad and Cohen.

Our dog has puppies 7 of them and they are fox terriers and Olivia and her family came to look at the puppies. They came for tea 2 nights later and decided to get Poppy (one of the puppies) so they will get her when she is old enough.

We started calving early so the rest of the holidays feeding the calves and now we have 170 calves and I have number 15.




3 thoughts on “My Holiday”

  1. Wow – that is a lot of calves in already! Did you manage to convince your parents to keep one of the puppies for yourself? Your snow skiing sounds great – isn’t it lovely when the snow is powdery. Did Sadie not go with you?

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