Last week

Last week the year 7 & 8’s were at tech so the  10 year 6’s did lots of fun and yum stuff. First on Tuesday we did baking and Olivia, Emily and I made chocolate muffins, Olivia brought her candy floss maker from her house so we put a little piece of candyfloss on each muffin and we made enough for the whole school. On Wednesday Olivia came with her new puppy ( my dogs puppy)  Flossie. On Thursday we made nachos for our lunch. We had to cut the onions into thin fine piece, we were all crying for a while. Then we cooked the mince and put all the flavour in, best part, the nachos and we had them for lunch.




100wc week 47

A long time ago there was a striped zebra who was sick of the heat of Africa and moved to Antarctica for a holiday. Zippy the zebra was so excited at the sight of all the frozen water of Antarctica. Soon Zippy’s legs felt like rubber, they were so cold so Zippy decided it was time to go home and caught the plane back to Africa. All his friends were all so happy to see him again but Zippy was still cold, so his friends made him a  nice warm hot chocolate and fell asleep and dreamed about his adventure.

Learning conferences

On Wednesday we had teacher  parent conferences and we went in with them I was nervous what Mrs Campbell was going to say but It was all good stuff so I was happy when I went home. The things I told mum and dad of what I was proud of was my maths and spelling and I want to work on my reading.


I’m running, running from darkness a black plumes of black smoke has covered our country and I’m running like many people running for my life, firefighters have been sent in and haven’t come out them selves again, they are greedy only wanting money they have been pulling people in. I’m a well 20 km ahead of it because it’s only moving as fast as a pivot .I stopped for sleep, woke up but when I looked behind me, it was there, right there 6 m away. This time it was moving fast, a jogging speed, I was sprinting now, not looking back.


Our Puppies

On the 19/6/20 Friday, our dog Lottie had puppies at 4:00 am I was up for all of them and we named them;  Nigel ( I named him) Astrid, Ivan, Hoot, Puzzle, Poppy and Snowy. They are pure breed Smooth Fox Terrier they all black and white but they are so cute. They are coming up 7 weeks on Friday we have sold the 2 girls but still with us.  Astrid and Poppy are going next week. Olivia is buying one         (Poppy) so I can see it lots.