100wc week 47

A long time ago there was a striped zebra who was sick of the heat of Africa and moved to Antarctica for a holiday. Zippy the zebra was so excited at the sight of all the frozen water of Antarctica. Soon Zippy’s legs felt like rubber, they were so cold so Zippy decided it was time to go home and caught the plane back to Africa. All his friends were all so happy to see him again but Zippy was still cold, so his friends made him a  nice warm hot chocolate and fell asleep and dreamed about his adventure.

3 thoughts on “100wc week 47”

  1. I really like your imaginative story, Kenzie. What a great way to include all those tricky prompt words. The story flows very well and there is some good description in there too. I particularly like ‘Zippy’s legs felt like rubber’. I also like the ending. I love the idea of a zebra falling asleep after drinking a hot chocolate.

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