Term 3 review

In term 3 we have done lots of stuff.

When year 7&8’s  go to tech we do lots of things we would’t do normally in class.

One time we did baking. Emily, Olivia and me did chocolate muffins with candyfloss on top. It was enough to give to the whole school when the year 6s had finished.

We also had youth town with the year 7 & 8’s and we did lots of different games.

In class I learnt a lot  of different things, I got 100\100 twice inn one term! I learnt a lot of new words in Te reo.

My hero

My hero is my grandma. She is my dads mum and goes to Cambodia every year to teach English. She also goes with granddad but he doesn’t stay as long, they both go in February and they come back in June and grandma will leave again in August and come back in October. When she is at home she comes back  with a suitcase full of presents for us! Last year she showed us a picture of a student in her class who had stabbed a snake with a pen.



100wc week #1

A loud crack of a whip rang out. The chestnut yearling, Ash jumped with fright and gave out a fear full whinny. A dozen wallaby’s sprang out of the trees and watched cautiously. There herd walked away from the whip but yet more men with a strange smell of smoke were up there too. Ash and his mum, Amber, hid behind a tree and gradually, things started to move and stir. The wallaby’s went back into the trees and stayed, the smell of smoke was gone and Ash and Amber came out from behind the trees the herd was safe.

Olivia’s Birthday Party

This Friday Emily , Sophia and I are going to have tea at Olivia’s house for her 11th birthday. We are having nachos for tea and pavlova for pudding. Olivia recently got a puppy off my dog Lottie and they named her Flossie. I’m excited to see her again.

___ (very cute!)