Ten things about Kenzie

  1.  I can wriggle my ears without touching them
  2. I can do the 4 leaf clover with my tongue


3. I do highland dancing

4. I play lots of sport, cricket is my favourite one

5. My dog has had two litters of puppies

6. I am terrified of swing bridges

7. I only have one ear pierced because I was to afraid to get he second one

8. I love Harry Potter books

9. have two siblings

10.  My family on my mums side live 5 mins from each other



I was collecting eggs from our family’s chicken farm as I usually do on weekends when I’m home and not at school. I don’t particularly love chickens like my parents. – “ They give us eggs and provide their meat for us”- I was feeding the chickens and was about to collect the eggs when the strangest thing happened. The rooster laid an egg but not just that It had laid a golden egg! I stared open mouthed at what I had just witnessed. I hastily tried stuffing the egg in my back jeans pocket but it was heavier than I expected. 


Growth mindset


I think  a growth mindset is when you want to learn and get better. You are empowered to learn, and makes things easier when things are tricky. I work a lot better with a growth mindset.  Like at Cromwell blow up water park I decided I was 100% going to jump off the 5 meter jump and the more I said I was going to do it the more confident I got. At school we were doing the IKAN 1 test I think I did a lot better when I said I was going to get more than I did last time.


100wc #20

Once on an ordinary autumn day, with no indication that something strange  was about to happen.

Micheal Clay and his friends were on a bike ride, but something funny happened. Any communication that any of them had simply vanished, including Micheals friends. All his friends’ bikes had stayed and had tied themselves to power poles. Micheals legs felt like jelly all of a sudden, he was lost, his friends had disappeared and he didn’t know what to do. Maybe he could untie one of the bikes? He touched the yellow bike and everything went black. He was now the bike.


That was summer

Remember that time 

You were at the lakes on a scorching hot

 New year’s day

And you were camera person for the 9 skiers

On one boat?

That was summer



When you went all the way to Riverton with your family

And you learned how to catch waves

 In the sea at 8:oo at night?

You were desperate to go in the morning

On the surfboard

But you didn’t think you would

Get up or do it with a 




You were invited to a sleepover

At a friends house

And you stayed up till 

3am chatting and singing

 With your friends

And in the morning you rode

Their horse Dusty

 And you learnt how 

To do little leaps?



When you went to Hanmer Springs 

And you were scared to go

On the big slides

And when you did you 

Couldn’t stop leaning on 

Corners and screaming for joy? 

That was summer.


By Kenzie


What I am looking forward to in 2021

This weekend we are doing the Papakaio 8 hour. A bike race( Mum and Dad are doing it).

And in week 7 we have tech at OIS.

We are tramping at woodshed creek hut at Athurs pass.

We are going to the black caps vs Australia .

And we are going to the Danseys pass  trail ride .

And we are also going to a wedding.

And in winter we are going skiing.

And camp at Lewis pass.