End of term review

This term I enjoyed playing touch and having Youthtown come to our school.

In class I loved doing art and ( paper lizards, whats in our head, circle art and silhouette art) math and hundreds club, I enjoyed learning what volume was and I got on 4 minutes for hundreds club. I liked doing the explanation writing and poems about the Covid-19 alert levels and what we did in the summer holidays called That Was Summer. I like going to the dam with the whole school and seeing all the things that make the dam work.

I disliked our health unit when we had to talk about all the gross stuff and write a book about it all. Going to the library and not reading but sorting out books. Writing a explanation report about puberty, I found that really hard. I didn’t love learning about treaty of waitangi.


Benmore dam visit

On Thursday we went to benmore dam to learn how the dam generates power. I had so much fun going to the different places and learning how it works and how often they upgrade it. I learned that the lake started off as the waitaki river and that there are 16 people between all 3 dams. My favourite part was seeing the generator working.