My favourite book

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I am up to The Order of the phoenix ( the fifth book) with reading. I have watched all the movies and we are listening to them on audio book and we are up to the last book The deathly hallows. The Prisoner of Azkaban is the third book of the 7 book series, the main character of the book is Harry Potter and he goes to a school that teaches magic. There is a new teacher at the school, Professor Lupin and they find out he is a werewolf. At the start of the year a prisoner broke out and broke into the school. Harry finds out that he is innocent and his godfather. That is my favourite book.

2 thoughts on “My favourite book

  1. Harry Potter is a great series isn’t it. I have only actually read the first book but maybe I need to read the others. Who is your favourite character in the series?

  2. Cool Kenzie! I hope to see more from you soon ( And also Godzilla and kong tied
    In the movie sorta )

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