ODE to summer

 ODE to summer 


How I long to see 

The jet boats under your warm sun blanket

How I long to hear 


The sizzle of the barbeque 


How I long for


The extended summer holidays  


How I long to taste


The lake water from the biscuit spray. 


Where are you summer? 


Where is your hot sun ?


By Kenzie



The zoo later found another animal to replace the singing giraffe. Alfie the talking elephant was the replacement. Well they didn’t know that at first but when Alfie wasn’t getting attention she started talking and telling jokes and soon she was famous people came from all over the world just to see Alfie …. Well he only liked the attention for 2 mouths and then the Elephant delivered his speech.

Everyone was stunned not knowing what to say then people exploded with questions to the elephant, and as for the zoo keeper the asked for there money back. Then Alfie was freed.




Winter air freezing the ground
Inside away from the cold
Never go outside without a jersey
Take a jersey outside
Eating lots of hot food
Ready stocked up on food

I love how winter makes                                                                                                             stuff look so beautiful                                                                                                              with frost and snow.

I don’t like winter                                                                                                                       because it’s cold.







Mum and dad had been missing for a while . They were supposed to  land at the ancient  gold mine but that’s where I was  and I searched over and over and I couldn’t find them…..It didn’t take me long to figure that they were lost  somewhere…. On the news last night I saw the exact plane land somewhere else and that was when I got the  package with the note. At the time I thought it was a very early birthday present…But the package had mum and dads voila! Then I read the note. call this number 0276892433 immediately .

From,unknown sender.

Water cycle!

This term we have been learning about the water cycle and have also learn how the Maori  thought the water cycle went as well.

I have learnt we have had the same amount of water since the dinosaurs have been around!  WOW!😯😯😯😯