100wc #33

I am Maddie, an explorer. I have an amazing  best friend called Maddie. She, like me, has the same name as me and we are both explorers! Me and Maddie were exploring in Wales when we came across what looked like an old abandoned lighthouse. Of Course,  as explorers we entered, a big spiral staircase stood before us and again we began to climb. Up and around the staircase seemed to go, a long while after beginning our climb we emerged from the top of the staircase. Someone was already living there in darkness. She said her name was Maggie.


Last night we played hockey and we were winning at half time but at the end we lost 3-5. I played defense most of the time and when I was goalie I got very annoyed when I let a goal in. At 10 minutes left of our game I was about to tackle someone and they hit the ball and it hit me in the stomach and I got winded and a bruise. I went off and someone went to get an ice pack but there was nothing so they brought  back a sopping paper towel. Me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing.

My favourite book

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I am up to The Order of the phoenix ( the fifth book) with reading. I have watched all the movies and we are listening to them on audio book and we are up to the last book The deathly hallows. The Prisoner of Azkaban is the third book of the 7 book series, the main character of the book is Harry Potter and he goes to a school that teaches magic. There is a new teacher at the school, Professor Lupin and they find out he is a werewolf. At the start of the year a prisoner broke out and broke into the school. Harry finds out that he is innocent and his godfather. That is my favourite book.

100wc #30

It was Christmas night and we were opening the last of our presents by the now dying fire, when suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. The fire went out instantly. I ran outside where we parked our vehicles and into the garage. I wrenched open the small chest full with dads head torches, I grabbed a few and raced back to the lounge. When I turned them on I saw my family was missing. I turned round hoping they would jump up and turn the lights back on. That never happened. I started to panic, the whole town was gone too.

What we did in the holidays.

In the holidays we went to Castle Hill in Athur’s pass, we stayed there for a couple of days with some friends. We went bike riding,( the track said it was a down hill track but half of it was up hill) up to Castle hill( lots of rocks in one place that look castle ruins) and there was a water slide there and the water was freezing so we didn’t do that long. The house we stayed in had a spa so we went in that every night.

When we left we came to Wanaka because all our family was there for my uncles wedding but it was postponed.

When we finally got home we did gardening and played Cricket.

-The house we stayed in.